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To make things fair for everyone we're limiting the number of tickets you can buy to 5. Each ticket is 1,100 neopoints, and we are selling 120 tickets. If you accidentally buy six tickets or more, we will count it as 5 tickets in the raffle. Tickets do not count for paint factory points. Everyone wins a prize, but the three main prizes to be won are more valuable than the random prizes. Sorry, the contest is now closed, but be sure to enter the next one!

What's up for grabs?

First PrizeSecond PrizeThird PrizeFourth PrizeParticipation Prize
Krawk Transomogrification PotionOwnowBabaaTyrannian Petpet Paint BrushRandom Prize
Congratulations leopardchic101!Congradulations 2brattie4u!Congradulations tigerlily9l95!Congradulations!Congradulations o0o_horselover_o0o!

Thanks to everyone who entered! Your prizes will be waiting for you in the trading post shortly.

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