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PaintingPets Guild
Petpets, Paintbrushes, & More


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Paint Brush Prices
Chia Pop Prices
Petpet Paint Brush Prices
Morphing Potion Prices 1
Morphing Potion Prices 2
Desert Petpet Prices
Faerie Petpet Prices
Island Petpet Prices
Meridell Petpet Prices
Neopian Petpet Prices
Pirate Petpet Prices
Space Petpet Prices
Spooky Petpet Prices
Tyrannian Petpet Prices


Shop Wizard Value means that whatever the cost of the item on the shop wizard is the amount of points that item is worth. For example, a paint brush costing 39,000np on the Shop Wizard would be worth 39 points.

  • Lu
  • Shop Wizard Value
    Shop Wizard Value
    Faeries Shop Wizard Value
    Petpets Shop Wizard Value
    Dubloons Shop Wizard Value
    Paintbrushes Shop Wizard Value
    Morphing Potions
  • Shop Wizard Value
    Space Map pieces
  • piece #2
  • 3 points
    4 points
    Spooky Map pieces
  • piece #2
  • piece #1, #5 and #8
  • 4 points
    5 points
    6 points
    Underwater Map pieces
  • piece #8
  • 8 points
    65 points
    Original Map pieces
  • piece #1 and #3
  • 4 points
    6 points
    Secret Lab Map pieces 9 points
    Special Chia Pops
  • Plum, Aubergine, Pineapple, Avacado, Pear, Peach, Tomato, or Apple ONLY
  • Shop Wizard Value
    Magical Plushies/Toys/Dolls
  • Any MAGICAL ones EXCEPT magical meerca plushies, magical chomby plushies and magical red, blue and green pteri plushies.
  • Shop Wizard Value
  • 10 Neggery Point Easter Neggs
  • Other Easter Neggs
  • Shop Wizard Value
    9 points
    Shop Wizard Value
    Motes (costing at least 500np on the Shop Wizard) Shop Wizard Value

    If you send in a map piece, be sure to neomail paintfactory with the number it is. To check which map piece number you are sending in, right-click on the map piece, then go to 'Properties'. In the URL location of the image, you'll see a number at the end. That's what map piece number you have.

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