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PaintingPets Guild
Petpets, Paintbrushes, & More


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Petpet Paint Brush Prices
Morphing Potion Prices 1
Morphing Potion Prices 2
Desert Petpet Prices
Faerie Petpet Prices
Island Petpet Prices
Meridell Petpet Prices
Neopian Petpet Prices
Pirate Petpet Prices
Space Petpet Prices
Spooky Petpet Prices
Tyrannian Petpet Prices


Space PetPets

7 Points
Avabot (Faerie)

34 Points

72 Points

8 Points
Diddler (Faerie)

37 Points
GX-4 Oscilladroid

30 Points
N-4 Information Retrieval Bot

13 Points

80 Points
Neotrak (Black)

84 Points
Neotrak (Blue)

93 Points
Neotrak (Cloud)

93 Points

10 Points
Pinceron (Blue)

26 Points
Pinceron (Green)

13 Points
Pinceron (White)

21 Points

4 Points
Screwtop (Faerie)

43 Points
Ultra Pinceron

20 Points
Ultra Pinceron (Blue)

Ultra Pinceron (Faerie)

41 Points
Ultra Pinceron (Green)

26 Points
Ultra Pinceron (Grey)

21 Points
Ultra Mega Bot 2000

68 Points
Vacumatic 9000

425 Points

12 Points
Wheelie (Faerie)

34 Points
Wheelie (Pink)

16 Points
Wheelie (White)

43 Points
Wheelie Bot

34 Points

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