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General Information

Being on the Greeting and Response Team requires time, patience, and effort. Your tasks will include neomailing the newbies with a generic welcome message, and answering any questions they or other members have. An extensive training course will be given to prepare you and the rest of the team for the job. If you get accepted onto the team you will recieve free food for your pets from the guild food shop and a monthly gift.


  • Be a member for a month or longer
  • Be over the age of 13
  • Be an active member in the guild (i.e. post often)
  • Be on Neopets atleast every second day
  • Be able to be extremely friendly
  • Know general information about the guild
  • Know how the guild programs and services work (adoption center, paint factory, etc.)
  • Have unlimited patience, lol ;)
  • Be able to work as a team


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