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Section 1
There are two parts to the application form. The first section has questions about your qualifications. All answers in this section must be accurate.


How often are you on Neopets?
Everyday Every Second Day Once a Week Once a Month

Have you been a member of the guild for over a month?
Yes No

Are you over 13? (You MUST be over 13 to apply)
Yes No

Do you have AIM or MSN Messenger? (please do not check if you have another instant messaging system)
Yes No

Do you have experience with html, especially tables?
Yes No

Do you ever post in the guild's message board?
Yes No

Do you have any guild jobs? (Food finder, foster parent, or Book Finder)
Yes No

If so, please check all that apply:
Foster Parent
Food Finder
Book Finder

Are you familiar with the guild, it's services, and how they work?
Yes No

Are you a people person? (Patient, friendly, etc.)
Yes No

Are you able to work as a team?
Yes No

Are you responsible, reliable and trustworthy?
Yes No

Section 2
The second section has examples of questions you will receive if you are accepted onto the welcome wagon team. Answer these to the best of your abilities. You may use other guild pages to help you find the answer. Keep your answers concise and to the point, using complete sentences and punctuation. This section is judged by the accuracy and quality of your response.

How do I get a higher rank?

Where can I find the rules on how to be become a foster parent?

How do I get points for the paint factory?

How many books can I get from the library in a week?

What is the business board for?

How do I use the wishing well?

Can I get free medicine in advance just incase my pet gets sick?

Where can I find game hints and tips?


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